Club Kyho

Welcome to Club KYHO , created for all of us who truly love to knit and require a regular infusion of yarn, patterns, inspiration and more. Come Knit Your Heart Out with us!

This year, we are celebrating Detroit and all of its wonderful, historic & new venues worth visiting. Every month, we will be offering yarn, a pattern and some knitting-related goodies, all bundled up in a reusable project bag and inspired by this amazing city.

Your package will be shipped on the 10th of each month, so that you can be happily knitting soon after. New members joining up through the 9th of the month will be included in the shipment on the 10th. Members joining the 10th and after will be included in the following month’s shipment.

Each month, as a member of Club KYHO, you will receive:

  • Yarn sufficient for a project, along with a story about a place, a bit of history, or an event in or around Detroit
  • A unique project bag
  • A link to download a digital pattern
  • A small gift

*For choosing the 12-month membership, you will also receive a unique, one-of-a-kind skein of Trio Magic along with a pattern as our special gift.

Membership Fees:

1-Month (great to try us out) $49.95

3- Months $134.00

6-Months $239.00

12- Months (best value) $419.00

* Monthly memberships run consecutively.

*If you have an hotmail email account, you will not receive your confirmation emails. Outlook email company has purchased hotmail and are taking it and replacing all of the hotmail accounts so our server does not recognize hotmail accounts. If you have any questions please let us know.

*Memberships that select the store pickup option needs to be picked up within 90 days of monthly release. We would hate to lose someones kit and we don’t have a lot of extra room for storage. We are always willing to work something out if something comes up and you are unable to pick up your memberships.

We sincerely hope to add you to our Club Kyho!