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About CL Trio

CL Trio (Crafty Lady Trio) is a favorite haunt for needlework enthusiasts. Whether you knit, crochet or stitch, you will want to visit our store and site often to see our new and creative projects. CL Trio will inspire you to learn new techniques and refine your needlework expertise.

We are committed to excellence in customer service and innovation. The comfort and creativity of the store setting along with the BEST teachers and fabulous array of yarns, fibers and accessories will truly awe and inspire you.

Anytime you visit the store, you may meet one or more of CL Trio’s owners: Lynn, Patricia and Martina. The “Trio” took over in 2006 and have remodeled, re-organized and rejuvenated the store and its customers!

Meet the Owners


A native of Michigan, learned to crochet as a little girl with her grandma. Her passion, however, began with needlepoint and grew to include knitting as an adult. This has rekindled her interest in crochet, becoming almost an obsession now! She loves the intricacy of the stitches and the fact that it’s FAST!!! Lynn will never work a pattern just as written or pictured. She likes to make each and every garment or project her own, either by choosing an unusual yarn or palette, or by adding an unexpected edging. Still, as a needlepoint enthusiast, customers seek her assistance in choosing fibers for each of their canvases.

Planning and organizing are Lynn’s avocations. She is the perfect manager and is perpetually re-organizing, redecorating and re-arranging the shop. Yarns must be stacked by color and not crammed into bins—thanks to her eye for design and organization, there is a place for everything! It is a delight to wander throughout the store, feasting on the colors, textures and designs!

On a personal note, she is a wife, mother and grandmother and is devoted to her family, cajoling, doting, and encouraging, as the situation warrants! She has a fabulous planting of peonies and loves her dog Chino!

Patricia (Patty)

Born in California and now a transplanted Michigander, can be heard whenever she is in the shop, laughing, teasing and, sometimes, entertaining the yarn reps! She learned to knit and crochet as a young girl and would ride her bike to a little local yarn shop near her house.

Patty became enamored with needlepoint, however, as an adult. Her stitch recommendations for canvas creations are perfection. Her students love her sense of color and texture as well as her ability to combine color and texture in unexpected yet exquisite compositions. She loves using beading, buttons and other charms to add dimension as well.

As a knitter, crocheter and stitcher she has developed her skills by practice (how we often hate that word!) as well as courses with national and international needlework teachers. She likes garments that flow and catch the eye with color. Her newest knitting passion is Brioche. If you’ve never tried Brioche, you will come to love it with Patty!

Practically Perfect Patty is true to her “western” roots, as she loves cowboy boots—so far she has not stitched a pair except on canvas! Patty is a wife, mother and doting E-ma (grandma), whose grandchildren are all named for former presidents. She loves both dogs and cats. On occasion you will see Leonardo, her adorable little pup in the shop. Yes, he is named for Leonardo of Titanic fame !


A transplanted Michigander as well, via New York State and Missouri, is usually found at the shop evenings and Saturdays. A grandma who was a superb seamstress taught her dressmaking. Her father, a master carpenter and builder, instilled in her a love of design and construction. She learned to knit and crochet in college, first creating multiple scarves and hats for seven brothers and two sisters.

She has developed both her design and technical skills by studying with expert knit and crochet designers and teachers. Her technical skills are legend; even the other teachers will ask for interpretive guidelines with the most intricate patterns. She has an eye for color and texture in the pieces that she creates, be they crocheted or knitted. “Stash” knitting projects and “Magic Balls” of yarn are her faves as she loves using “onesies,” those individual balls of yarn that we all collect on every trek to the yarn stores we love.

Away from the shop, Martina loves the perennial jungle around her house where she lives with Jerry, two rescues, Ollie and Zeus and multiple fish,in a large tank, of course.