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About CL Trio

Crafty Lady Trio is the place you want to be, to find the best yarns and supplies for all knit and crochet projects.   We also pride ourselves on having the best teachers and classes.  Students can be comfortable as a beginner, or more with more advanced skills.   Our classes are a mix of knit and crochet, and each person is taught individually, which we find works best for all.   We welcome everyone, and our goal is to inspire and encourage continual learning of our amazing talent.

Our staff is committed to excellence in customer service, and we are eager to help in any way.   We have our eye on the latest and greatest patterns and designers.   We keep our store stocked with an absolutely incredible selection of beautiful yarns from many popular manufacturers, and accessories that have earned our confidence.  Crafty Lady Trio is also home to our own in house dyer, Just Bee Fibers Yarns.   We know a visit to our store will awe and inspire you.

Our owners, Kelli and Sue, took over Crafty Lady Trio, January 1, 2018, from "The Trio", Lynn, Martina and Patty, with the intentions of growing the store inside, as well on the internet.  Always a work in progress, with dedication to keeping up with the latest designs, yarns, techniques and ideas.   Kelli and Sue moved and remodeled this store to create a paradise for our customers to feel welcome and among friends.  Our classes are friendly and open, and with our 4,000 sq ft. we have many seating areas to allow for distance or privacy, and of course, a spacious area to display our variety of yarn stock.  Kelli is the proprietor and dyer of Just Bee Fibers, and allows us the opportunity to customize, when possible.

Meet the Owners

Kelli Nienstedt.   Learning to crochet as a young girl, at home with her mom, she thought there were only 2 stitches that completed this hobby, but she perfected them!   Feeling that there had to be more to this than what she mastered, she decided to visit Crafty Lady Trio.   Little did she know the world she opened up!   She was shown the fun of crochet, and her eagerness had her only wanting more.   The next step was knitting, which only fueled her drive to improve.   The Trio saw greatness in her, and asked her to join their team.   This is the beginning of the gift Kelli is to all of us now.   Her constant love of learning, and her enthusiasm has perfected both hobbies to lead her to teach them, all while life changes brought her to marriage and becoming the mother of 3.  Kelli's talents don't stop here, she is also a quilter, baker, sewer and while managing one business, she created another to support the first.  Just Bee Fibers is her yarn business where she creates eye popping gorgeous indy dyed treasures.  She has even started learning the process of spinning yarn.  Kelli teaches all techniques in both knit and crochet, and you will rarely see her without a project bag in tow.

Susan Minicuci.  A mother of 4, having all the kids in school, there was time to find a new hobby to enjoy.   Inspired to learn to crochet chemo caps to donate, she went in to Crafty Lady Trio, to sign up for classes.  Sure she couldn't be taught, as many have tried before, boy was she proven wrong!  The first visit was a love that changed everything!   Brand new in the store, and the welcoming and friendly start, the encouragement to try despite fears of "not being able to catch on", professional teaching won out and she was taught!   The only thing to make the experience better, is having found it sooner!   While Sue has not grown as quickly, she is happy continuing to crochet in a relaxed manner, her favorite being the Granny Square.   She has just begun knitting and looks forward to practicing both hobbies.   Sue's shine came more in an absolute love for Crafty Lady Trio, even as a student, leaving class to find requests talked about at the table.   Selling what she loves was a brand new feeling, and brought such joy.   A few years later, Kelli took her first maternity leave, and "The Trio" asked Sue to fill in.   That was what changed everything!  Promoting and backing up ideas, helping teachers and customers find what makes their projects light their eyes up!  Her duties as owner encompass more of the behind the scenes, and behind the counter.  

Crafty Lady Trio, is a team effort, always, and we know we would not survive, or be where we are without the help and wisdom of our amazing staff.   We have been so lucky to have the best, and we love working at a place where we have a work family.  We have been through many changes already in our ownership, and we appreciate these people tremendously.   

Lynn Cusumano

Martina Browning

Sandy Czech

Carolyn Ruzinsky

Lori Blicher

Katie Minicuci

Cathy Koltys

And though Patty Halan has retired, we value all she taught and helped with.