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Quarnskein Mystery Kit

Looking for something fun and not sure what what to do!! We have your answer!! 


Yes a Mystery Kit!! After a few answers you will be on your way to fun during this crazy/boring time!

First you decide on what kit size you would like (all kits will be worth more than paid)! We will the currate your kit and have it ready to be curbside pickup or shipped within 2-3 days.

Depending on the fun you pick, is what the Mystery will entail.

 So you picked your kit price? Now what?
 In the note section include the answers to these questions:

  1.    2 words of inspiration for us (Ex. Sunrise, fall leaves, Summer, fun)
  2.    Your hard NOs' like: No bright, No pinks, No wool, No sweaters
  3.    Preferences (Not always guarenteed but we will do our best) in type of project or accessories.
    1. Dont want a kit just yummy yarn no worries! Just say Yummy Yarn!!
  4.    Do you crochet, knit or no preference?
  5.    Do you need any supplies included? Needles, stitch markers

Answered everything? Your last decision is to ship it or curbside pick up. If shipping we will included tracking number and compnay used to ship with so you can see where you package is going!! YAY!!! 

Once you receive send us a pic on Instagram or Facebook and tell us what you think! We love seeing happy faces!!